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May 2009

'Environmental health' is a diverse function covering a range of activities from 'air pollution' to 'waste monitoring'. The services comprising the 'core functions' in this survey aim to 'prevent' the breakdown of public health and safety. In performing this duty local authority gross expenditure during 2008-09 is estimated to have been 1 billion. The average net expenditure per head of population is 13.20 (including capital charges) in England and Wales.


The interest in public health is increasing and is currently being viewed by many as the 'new agenda'. In 2001 the Select Committee on Health endorsed the role of local authorities in light of the new 'well-being' powers given to them in the Local Government Act 2000.

'Local authorities have a vital role to play in improving the health of their communities and have influence over a greater number of factors affecting health than the local NHS. We strongly support their new power to promote well-being and recommend that this leads to public health being at the core of their initiatives and strategies' (Select Committee on Health, 2001).

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May 2009

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