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January 2008

This, the twenty seventh edition of Local Government Comparative Statistics, contains a selection of comparative financial and other statistics for the financial years 2005-06 and 2006-07, for each authority in England and Wales. Also included for the fifth time, are Best Value Performance Indicators in England and Wales for 2006-07

Local Authority Annual Reports

One purpose of this publication is to provide data and information to assist in the preparation of the financial and statistical reports of authorities as outlined in the Code of Practice for Local Authority Annual Reports. Despite its withdrawal in 2003, the Audit Commission recommends that authorities continue to publish similar information for the purposes of informing local taxpayers.

General Use

The publication is also intended to cater for those who require a ready source of local authority comparative statistics. The written definitions are phrased in terms which should be widely understood, and include detailed references to statistical publications and source documents.

Besides details of total expenditure in successive years, and figures for the indicators specified in the code, some other general and service statistics have been included. However, the scope of local authority activities is restricted to the main services; and at most a few statistics are provided for each.

Since different types of authority have different responsibilities, more information is provided for certain authorities. The summary tables provide a convenient guide for each type of authority. Those requiring further statistical information on local authorities should refer to the numerous other publications of the Statistical Information Service, details of which are available from this website.


The Institute and the data analyst wish to thank the local authority compilers and government departments who have provided data for inclusion in the publication.

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January 2008

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