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Local Authority Pension Fund Investment Statistics

August 2008
The Funds

This survey provides details of 88 local authority pension funds, with a total market value of over 123 billion at the end of March 2008. Of these funds, 87 (including 3 transport funds) have been shown in the main statistical tables beginning on page 6 of the publication.

Of the 87 individual funds shown in the main statistics, 6 funds have incomplete data, because returns have not been made for either of the 5 year or 10 year periods. In future years these funds will, of course, be included in full as complete data become available.

There are 13 pension funds for which no data is available to WM Company and these are completely excluded from the statistics.

Further information about Local Authority pension funds can be found in the CIPFA Technical Information Services information stream, 'Financial Management and Corporate Governance'

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August 2008

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