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Housing Rents and Service Charges Statistical Profile: at April 2007

Greenwich-rowofhouses.jpg The Housing Rents and Service Charges profile offers you a powerful comparative snapshot of your authority against a selected group of other authorities. In addition to your own data and your class average you can be compared to a selected group of your own choice. A group of up to 20 authorities may be of your own choosing, or a top 20 generated by our nearest neighbours model.

The profile uses both graphical and tabular formats to illustrate key indicators such as number, and distribution, of dwellings per 1,000 population, average rents and HRA dwellings for rent.

A sample profile can be downloaded in *.pdf format. The cost of the profile is 100 plus VAT. If you would like to purchase a profile please complete the downloadable order form. For further information please contact:

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