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CIPFA Housing Rents and Service Charges Statistics

September 1998
All figures in this commentary and in the summary tables which follow are based on grossed-up figures, that is figures which have been adjusted to compensate for non-responding authorities. This is intended to give a consistent base to the statistics. Users of these statistics are reminded that the figures, although based on 'real' data, are necessarily estimates.

At April 1998 the estimated net unrebated rent of 3.5 million council dwellings was 42.34, an increase of 1.36 (3.3%) over April 1997.

Tables 1 and 2 analyse the average rent increases between regions and types of authority.

Average rents and increases analysed by regions.
Average rents and increases analysed by types of authority.
The tables highlight the considerable variation in rent levels between regions and types of authority. London, unsurprisingly, has the highest average rent by a considerable margin.

Sheltered Dwellings.
Shared Ownership Dwellings.
Tables 3 and 4 include 9 and 155 returns respectively for authorities who possess no such type of dwellings.

Housing Stocks and Average Weekly Rents at April 1998.

September 1998

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