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CIPFA Charges for Leisure Services Statistics

December 2004

The survey aims to collect information about the charges levied for the main leisure services only. Therefore, minority provisions such as ski-slopes have been omitted.

The Statistical Information Service Leisure Volume Working Party considered the problem of different charges being levied by an authority both at differing locations within its area, and at different times and frequencies at the same location. It was considered essential to standardise the information collected and except where otherwise indicated, the statistics fall into the following categorisation:
  1. Charges are shown for one facility only of the following types:
    • Leisure Centre or Sports Hall - the principal facility.
    • Swimming Pool - the principal facility, this may or may not be part of the Leisure Centre complex.
  2. Charges shown for outdoor sports are the most typical or preponderant for each activity.
  3. In the case of individual activities at Leisure Centres, the charges relate to peak hour use.
  4. All charges are those levied on adults, unless the column heading indicates otherwise.

When making comparisons, users of these statistics are requested to be mindful of the following points:
  1. Some authorities will levy differential charges at different centres.
  2. Not all authorities adopt consistent charging bases, (e.g. charges may be levied per person per game rather than court hour).
  3. The date (MMYY) upon which the last review of charges became operational varies (see Column 68).
  4. Although the survey is used for calculating overall averages, comparisons with such figures will not take account of the background policies involved in setting these charges, (i.e. the average may represent a passive position between either a policy of boosting attendances or maximising income).
  5. Charges may also vary according to the proximity of alternative facilities and the standard of provision and the associated amenities.
  6. Many charges have been adjusted to conform to the framework of the questionnaire, (e.g. activities such as Squash, Weight Training and Bowls are charged for a period varying between thirty minutes and two and a half hours).

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Summary Distribution Tables.
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Increases compared to Retail Price Index 1995-96 to 2004-05.

December 2004

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