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October 1997

This booklet contains information on the expenditure intentions of forces in 1997-98, together with related non-financial statistics. Where data are unavailable figures in the summary tables have been adjusted to provide a more realistic position. This has been achieved by adjusting last years figures according to the general trend shown by authorities of the same class returning data for the 1997-98 estimates.


Excluding capital charges, the total gross expenditure of police authorities in England and Wales is estimated to amount to 7,179.9 million in 1997-98, an increase of 221.1 million over 1996-97, which represents a percentage increase of 3.2%. Details showing the breakdown of expenditure are provided in Table 1.

Details showing the breakdown of expenditure are shown in Table One.

Subjective Analysis of Expenditure
Pay and pensions dominate service costs, accounting for 82.9 % of gross expenditure. This is demonstrated by the proportional breakdown of gross expenditure in Figure 1.

Staff Costs as a proportion of Gross Expenditure
The majority of expenditure (48.6 %) is funded by Home Office Grant. Figure 2 analyses sources of income.

Breakdown of Sources of Police Funding

Police Officers are estimated to make up 68.4% of service staff on 31st March 1998. Overall forces estimate their strength to decrease by 297 (0.2%) in the period 31 March 1997 to 31 March 1998. This is due to a fall in estimated staff in London of 2.8%. In the remainder of England and Wales strength is estimated to increase by 0.5%.

Police Officer Staffing
Total civilian staffing is also expected to fall in London. In the rest of England and Wales and excluding cadets and traffic wardens, civilian staff numbers are expected to continue to increase (1.4% in 1997/98), reflecting the continuing emphasis being placed on civilianisation of tasks previously undertaken by police officers.

Civilian Staffing

The number of Police Houses and single officer accommodation units has fallen sharply again over the period 1 April 1996 to 1 April 1997, continuing the downward trend of the past few years.

In April 1994 the number of Police houses and section house places were 10,705 and 4,080 respectively, equivalent to falls of 29.4% and 36.8% in the period up to April 1997.

Police Housing

Forces expect to replace or acquire 5,109 vehicles in 1997/98, 20.7% of their total fleet.

Estimated Change in Vehicle Numbers

October 1997

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