Research and Analytics

Interactive statistical reports...

The following interactive statistical reports are currently available for use. Internet subscribers may click on the links below to go to the default page of the report for that survey.

Administration of Justice Statistics
Archive Services Actuals Statistics
Capital Expenditure and Treasury Management Statistics
Cemeteries Statistics
Charges for Leisure Services Statistics
Childrens Services Actuals
Childrens Services Estimates
Core Data Statistical Report
Council Tax Demands and Precepts Statistics
County Farms and Rural Estates Statistics
Crematoria Statistics
Cultural Statistics in Scotland
Culture, Sport and Recreation Statistics (Leisure and Recreation)
Environmental Health Statistics
Finance and General Actuals Statistics
Finance and General Estimates Statistics
Fire and Rescue Service Statistics
Highways and Transportation Actuals Statistics
Highways and Transportation Estimates Statistics
Homelessness Statistics
Housing Rent Arrears and Housing Benefits Statistics
Housing Rents and Service Charges Statistics
Housing Revenue Account Statistics
Local Authority Assets Statistics
Planning and Development Statistics
Police Actuals Statistics
Police Estimates Statistics
Public Library Actuals Statistics
Public Library Estimates Statistics
Public Library Statistics
Rating Review Actuals
Rating Review Estimates
Revenue Collection Statistics
Social Care Actuals Statistics
Trading Standards Statistics
Waste Collection and Disposal Statistics

CIPFAstats Current Datasets