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October 2007

This statistical booklet relating to personal social services contains details of actual expenditure and income for 2005-06 together with non-financial data which in total provide a substantive analysis of the different activities for local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland. This is the sixth publication to reflect the review of CIPFA's Service Expenditure Analysis (SEA) for Social Services which forms part of the Best Value Accounting Code of Practice. The SEA applies to published financial statements for financial periods beginning on or after 1st April 2001 for England and Wales and 1st April 2002 for Scotland.

The statistics show that in 2005-06 local authorities in Great Britain spent a total of 20.9 billion on the provision of personal social services. This is an increase of 7.0% since 2004-05 when expenditure amounted to 19.6 billion. It is estimated that local authorities will spend 21.4 billion in 2006-07, a further 431 million or 2.1% increase over 2005-06. The figures include capital charges and some residual expenditure on supporting people but exclude income from specific grants. Only 3.2% of the total gross expenditure in England relates to supporting people. The majority of this expenditure is classed as a housing function and therefore not reflected in the personal social services statistics.

Further information about personal social services can be found in the CIPFA Technical Information Services information stream, 'Adult Social Services'

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October 2007

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