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CIPFA Highways and Transportation Estimates Statistics

November 1997

This publication contains information on actual expenditure in 1995/96 and planned expenditure in 1997/98 together with related statistics on the construction and maintenance of roads, the support of public transport and other matters relating to transportation.

The continuing Local Government reorganisation in England has resulted in the formation of a further 13 Unitary, Authorities, effective from 1 April 1997, in addition to the 14 Unitary Authorities in existence on 1 April 1996.

Adjustments have been made to the class totals to account for column references and incomplete data. Therefore, the sum of individual authorities' figures in a column may not agree with the class total. Furthermore, in some cases, totals have also been adjusted as a result of column references to other sections.

In order to enable more meaningful comparisons to be made, grossed totals are included for each class of authority on pages 40 to 49 and pages 66 to 69. These take into account missing information and non-response. Grossing has been effected for financial data by referring to information returned on DoE forms RO4 and RA97/98 and for non-financial data by referring to information submitted by non-responding authorities in previous years. This is intended to give a consistent base to the statistics.

Figures in the commentary and summary tables refer to the 'grossed up' data, introduced for the first time, last year. Prior editions of the statistics included returned data only, and for this reason year on year comparisons have been omitted from the publication. These will, of course, be re-introduced as soon as an adequate time series is available.

In 1997/98 local authorities in England and Wales are expecting total capital and current expenditure on highways and transportation to amount to 3,657m compared to 4,049m in 1995/96, a decrease of 9.7% over the two year period. Within this, total current expenditure is expected to decrease by 8 million (0.3%) whilst it is anticipated that capital expenditure will decrease over the same period by 385 million (25.8%). Tables 1 and 2 on page 3 illustrate.

The most significant area of current expenditure is on the maintenance of highways. As illustrated in Figure 1 this accounts for 1,407m, (55.2%) of local authorities' 1997/98 expenditure plans.

Figure 2 shows how the resources will be used and provides a comparison between principal roads and other local authority maintained roads. Maintenance expenditure in Figure 2 excludes expenditure by Non-Metropolitan Districts.

Readers are requested to refer to the general notes and the notes on individual authorities before attempting to interpret the statistics.

Summary of all Authorities' 1997/98 Estimates
Summary of all Authorities' 1995/96 Actuals
Summary of all Authorities' 1997/98 Expenditure Plans Plans
Use of Maintenance Resources 1997/98 (Excludes expenditure by Non-Metropolitan Districts).

November 1997

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