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May 2007

This publication contains information on planned expenditure in 2006-07 together with related statistics on the construction and maintenance of roads, the support of public transport and other matters relating to transportation.

In 2006-07 local authorities in England and Wales are expecting total capital and current expenditure (excluding capital charges) on highways and transportation to amount to 6,492m compared with 6,335m in 2005-06, an increase of 2.5% excluding the amounts for the Greater London Authority.

The most significant area of current expenditure is on the maintenance of highways. As illustrated in Figure 2 this accounts for 1,328m (37.3%) of local authorities' 2006-07 current expenditure plans. Table 2 highlights that the income from car parking reduced total current expenditure by 13.4% in England and Wales in 2006-07.

Figure 3 shows how the resources will be used and provides a comparison between principal raods and other local authority maintained roads. Maintenance expenditure in Figure 3 excludes expendiutre by Non-Metropolitan Districts.

Further information about local government and highways and transportation in England and Wales can be found in the CIPFA Technical Information Services information stream, 'Transport'

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May 2007

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