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Working Groups: Opportunities to Join


The CIPFAstats Working Parties cover the range of our survey spectrum and represent a key part of the data collection process. With membership including local authority practitioners and key stakeholders from the Audit Commission and central government departments, the groups perform a crucial role in ensuring all the data collected is relevant and fit for purpose.

Our working parties serve to:

  • Identify data collection needs for local authorities in that service/activity area.
  • Update the annual survey questionnaires including the provision of robust definitions and methodologies.
  • Consider external policy developments that may have an impact on the data collected (eg CAA).
  • To involve relevant government departments to harmonise data collection where possible and reduce the information collection burdens on LAs.
  • Take part in consultation for the Service Expenditure Analysis of SeRCOP.
  • Provide advice to CIPFA Data Analysts on technical issues relating to the service/activity area.

The groups typically meet once or twice a year for a few hours, relatively informally, usually at our Robert Street (central London) office. These act as a good opportunity for practitioners and professionals to come together to discuss common issues and concerns. Members can also use the time to contribute to CPD.

If you have an interest in one of our topic areas and would like to join a join, we would be very interested to hear from you. To find out more about these opportunities please email

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